What you're seeing is not the work of some magic or Photoshop, these animals are actually perfectly round. There's nothing better than looking like a fluffy ball of cuteness and these animals are ready to show it off, cause, baby, they were born this way!

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While predators come in all shapes and sizes, these adorable round creatures surely would not hurt a fly. From purrfectly round cats, to fluffy hamsters that look like cotton balls, Bored Panda collected these fluffy creatures to brighten your day.

Have you encountered a perfectly round "Pokemon" in real life? Do not hessitate adding it to our list! And don't forget to vote and comment as well!

#1 Perfect Snowball

Perfect Snowball

tsuyukusa38 Report

GlassOfWater 1 week ago


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#2 These Chinchillas

These Chinchillas

Cameron's chinchillas Report

Heather 1 week ago

Such a cute tushy.

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#3 Round Owl

Round Owl

thingamijig Report

Kay Nelson 1 week ago

My heart. Just. Melted :0

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#4 A Ball Of Bearded Reedling

A Ball Of Bearded Reedling

bird_drangsland Report

Bobby Beebe 1 week ago

Why do I find this so adorable??

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#5 Round Japanese Flying Squirrel

Round Japanese Flying Squirrel

Pop Shiretoko Report

Heather 1 week ago

OMG! Adorable.

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#6 Seal Pup

Seal Pup

Keren Su Report

Ok Ha-Neul 1 week ago

i would like to adopt this seal

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#7 Round White Cat

Round White Cat


Bobby Beebe 1 week ago

Beautiful fat cat! Sorry for the fat-shaming but I couldn't resist... :(

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#8 Bichon Tori

Bichon Tori

bichon_tori Report

John L 1 week ago

Poor guy's probably burning up from all the stored heat. :(

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#9 Round Pregnant Guinea Pig

Round Pregnant Guinea Pig

comment_sniffer Report

Melissa Nunya 1 week ago

I remember the first time seeing this one but it didn't say she was pregnant and I was like wtf is wrong with the poor thing lol

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#10 Round Bird

Round Bird

Nigel Report

Gillian Black 6 days ago

im cute small and round but I can still fly

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